Ingham Veterans Open Golf Championships 2017

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A brief summary

Ingham Veteran Golfers welcomed and played host to golfers from Veteran Golf Clubs of North Queensland and visitors from Victoria, NSW and from clubs in southern Queensland. The occasion was the 15th Annual Ingham Veterans Golf Open which was held from 24 to 26 July. In all a total of 91 players representing 34 clubs were welcomed to Ingham by Ingham Veterans Golf President Lesley Beltrame.

In contrast to last year’s wet weather play was conducted in almost perfect weather over the 3 days. Thanks to the efforts of the Ingham Golf Club Greens Director and his volunteer work force the course was in great playing condition.

On Monday 24th July 32 mixed pairs teed-off in the 4BBB Stableford event and such were the conditions that more than 80% of the teams returned scores of 40 points or more.


Monday 24/07/17: 4 Ball Best Ball Stableford

Winners:            Jerry & Chris Pembroke (Black Springs)                    50 points

Runners-Up:      Max Bignell & Patricia Young (Howlong – NSW)       47 points

Rundown:         Grahame & Trish George (Charlestown -NSW)           46 points

Dennis & Gloria Davis (Nowra – NSW)                                               46 points

Christoph & Christine Pautsch (Wakehurst -NSW)                              45 points

Alan Dwyer (Gordonvale) & Eva Milgate (Ingham)                              45 points

Bill & Paula Livermore (Tallwoods – NSW)                                         44 points

Richard Gammie (Mystic Sands) & Jeannette Bale (St Georges Basin Country Club – NSW) 44 points.

Wednesday’s Game was another Individual Stableford played over 18 holes in conjunction with the 2nd Round of the Stroke Championship.


Winner:             Lance Butler (Ingham)                                          41 points

Runner-Up:       Dennis Kent (Ingham)                                          39 points CB

Rundown:         Grahame George (Charlestown)                           39 points

Max Bignell (Howlong)                                                                 38 points

Roger Morten (Cardwell)                                                             38 points

Richard Howard (Lavarack)                                                         37 points

Michael Poggioli (Ingham)                                                             37 points

Alan Dwyer (Gordonvale)                                                             37 points

Geoff Gianotti (Ingham)                                                                 36 points

David Smith (Headland)                                                                36 points.


Winner:             Catherine Pautsch (Wakehurst)                            38 points

Runner-Up:       Caryl Lavell (El Arish)                                         37 points

Rundown:         Chris Pembroke (Black Springs)                          35 points

Margaret Smith (Headland)                                                          34 points

Patricia Young (Howlong)                                                            34 points

Joslyn Whitaker (St George)                                                        33 points

Eva Milgate (Ingham)                                                                   33 points

Trish George (Charlestown)                                                         33 points.

The Championship winners were decided on the stroke scores over the 36 holes and resulted as follows:


A Division         Gross     Sam Scuderi (Ingham)                            151

A Division         Nett       Lance Butler (Ingham)                            137

B Division         Gross     Max Bignell Howlong-NSW)                 180

B Division         Nett       Alan Dwyer (Gordonvale)                      137

C Division         Gross     Phillip Curro (Ingham)                            203

C Division         Nett       Bill Ross (Ingham)                                  149


A Division         Gross     Caryl Lavell (El Arish)                           183

A Division         Nett       Gloria Davis (Nowra-NSW)                 152

B Division         Gross     Paula Livermore (Tallwoods)                 194

B Division         Nett       Chris Pembroke (Black Springs)            151

C Division         Gross     Eva Milgate (Ingham)                             206

C Division         Nett       Kay Glynn (Bargara)                              151